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Photographer Joanne Fabian of Souderton loves kids. She and Larry met late and only had one child, so she loved everyone else's kids ... babies, tots to teens, and high school seniors ... for 20 years! It doesn't matter, there is something about each one that makes them special. Joanne sought that out ..... the smile, the eyes, the giggle, or how they love sports, or music, or if they just wanted their portraits to be unique and different. She often found "the middle child" was the "forgotten child" and specifically zoned in on that age also. No longer Tot images, and not yet ready for Senior Portraits, all they seemed to have was school pictures.

Whether it was creating family images of just the kids or with parents too, the first thing she did was try to make it fun, with portraits a mom would love, and a process the kids and/or dad would not hate. Joanne was proud to be a full service photographer, providing a variety of tangible options for the wall, desk top, holiday cards or an Art Book, plus prints to gift. She met personally with clients before and after the session to customize their experience.

How many times had she heard, "we have not done portraits in years"? The answer was always too many to count. This is important. It is a proven fact that children who grow up with images of the kids and/or family on the walls and around the home are more likely to have high self esteem and be well adjusted. Google it!

As an 18 year old, Joanne put herself through college in Boston for graphics and fashion illustration with a minor in photography. Her fashion background helped immensely with styling sessions, especially the girls! Joanne continued to educate herself on current trends in photography through class instruction and was a member of the Professional Photographers Association and the Photographer's Guild of Delaware Valley.

As of March 2017 Joanne opened Art on the Hill at 100 North Main Street in Souderton, a unique boutique style Art Gallery of 30 Artists and Craftsmen within about 30 miles. In this small rented space you will find Art plus hand-created gifts you will not find many other places. Joanne and husband Larry have "Pieces of Nature" Photography featured there on canvas and metal wall art, desk art, and fine art note cards.


I have officially retired from photography as of 2022. I am happy to offer help to seek out someone to replace me who may be close in style and offerings; see my style and philosophies below. Supply info with your portrait needs in comment section and I will get back to you as soon as I can, usually within 48 hours.

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