Senior Portraits ... what do I need to know?

Why J Gray Fabian Photography? a.k.a. Joanne Fabianv

This is a big deal. Senior Year...together we will create images that show who you are now and who you are going to be. Portraits are usually done during Spring/Summer of your junior year, though some choose to wait until fall. I do also offer a tri-session if you choose. Summer Fall of Senior year Winter or Spring of Senior year so we have recent images for Grad Announcements and Thank You cards. This offers option for different hair lengths, seasons, and styles, and includes a beautiful Custom Art Book of Images and Custom Grad Announcements.

"Joanne didn't just shoot a bunch of pictures and hand me a disc. She says, "That's like a chef giving you ingredients at a restaurant and telling you to go home and cook it yourself." She met with us ahead of time to see what I wanted and we talked about where we would go. When we did the session then, it was so much fun, I felt like a star for the day! I have amazing Portraits that I just love, and a book to show off!" ~ Carley C.

Some common questions:

Why outdoors? It just makes sense. You can be yourself, lighting is amazing, and we make natural use of any props you bring: sports gear, instruments, hats, sunglasses, a bike, your car, your dog, you name it!

Where do we go and how long does it take? That is up to you ... your ideas or I will make suggestions based on how you want your Portraits to look. It can be an urban look, nature setting, sports field, outside your house. I can find great light nearly anywhere. Choose from 1/2 hour Camera Shy session if you just want one or two great images, grad cards, and web images. Or other sessions including one that is up to 2 1/2 - 3 hour Paparazzi style, which may be split into two days for hairstyle and location changes. Up for an adventure? We can try a few places I have not gotten to yet with the Road Trip Session. Time of year does not matter, great portraits can be created any time of year.

How much does this cost? First you choose the session that fits your needs and budget; There are sessions for every budget beginning at 65 dollars for Camera Shy Session up to 245 dollars for Paparazzi Style Session. Most Seniors then choose from one of the Build-Your-Own-Collections that begin at 385 and have a savings of about 15-30%, or you may choose ala carte products and prints. Some options are all-inclussive with no Session fee.

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Does a parent need to be present, or can a friend come? For minors under 18, yes a parent or legal guardian needs to be present. A friend may join us too; I might even let them help. These plans will be made at your Consultation which takes about 30 minutes, a week or two before your session.

Why a Consult? This is about you, don't you want it to be perfect? You and at least one parent come to view samples with pricing, I see your personality, and we discuss style, location, props, any ideas you have, and plan this out just for you. There is no obligation to book me. If I am the photographer for you, we confirm your date and Session fee is due at that time. Or you may choose an All-inclussive Collection with no Session fee.

How much touch-up is done? blemishes, under eye shadows, bruised knee? These minor touch-ups are done on all purchases Portraits. You tell me what stays and goes. A fee will apply for major touch-up like sparkly makeup, dry or peeling skin, tan lines, among others. Wrinkles cannot be touched up on clothing; best to bring extra clothes clean and pressed on hangers. Note on tanning: dark tans may photograph poorly. Stop tanning 3 weeks prior to your session, so your skin can re-hydrate and use lots of moisturizer. Dry tanned skin does not reflect light so it can look flat and dull. If you go tanning, discuss this with me at your pre-consult.

What do I wear? ...ah, the fun part! I usually say, "just bring it". Fill a suitcase with accessories and shoes, bring a dozen or so options on hangers, and wear your favorite most comfortable one. It is not about how many outfits but how quickly you can change. Show me ides at your consult.

What is a High School Model? We have kicked this into high gear. Usually open only to juniors--we do occasionally accept a few freshman and sophomores. Inquire for specifics, perks, and benefits as they vary year to year. In general, we want you if you know how to Rock Who You Are--whether that is the athlete, musician, scholar, or geek--we love it and want to shoot it! You might just be JGFab material. Look at promotions link on main page or call or email Joanne for more info at Art on the Hill Gallery in Souderton 215-721-2074 -

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